We provide the very best in solar panels, inverters, deep-cycle batteries and geyser alternatives for all residential and commercial needs. Invest in off-grid energy and start saving costs and appliances today.

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We provide the very best in Lithium and Deep Cycle batteries. Our batteries ensure that your energy storage lasts.


We use Tier 1 Solar panels, which are expertly installed to maximize energy generation in South African conditions.


Our smart-inverters are carefully sized and installed to suit your home or business and protect your sensitive equipment and appliances.


We help reduce energy loads and consumption by supplying the best in efficient lighting to save on energy and maintenance.

Empower your home with high-quality and powerful energy solutions.

GridVolt Energy Solutions is a renewable energy and electrical service provider located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We offer the best in residential and commercial renewable energy solutions. All products are sourced from trusted and quality brands, with certified electricians handling all installations and maintenance on-site. This ensures that clients produce energy efficiently and save costs by investing in high-quality and self-sufficient energy solutions.

Why choose renewable energy and off-grid solutions?

Energy generation through solar

We offer ascending tiers of solar solutions for energy production at all levels. Our solutions provide cost effective and a stable electricity supply.

Reliable, quick and hot water heating

We offer a variety of geyser controller solutions that generate hot water even during load shedding and can save you 30% of your current electricity bill..

Energy generation through solar

Rely on batteries that last more than a single year. Store power in large cells designed for the demands of modern living

Keep a tab on your generation, output and usage

Tap into the insights of your energy systems by keeping tabs of how much energy is generated, stored, and used. Always be in the know on how much electricity feeds your home.

Smart and effective solar, inverter and geyser solutions

Solar Solutions
  • Invest in energy independence and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Protect equipment from electricity surges
  • Scale usage and reduce reliance on Eskom.
  • Generate and store energy for self consumption.
  • Safe and easy to use.
Inverters & Batteries
  • Build electricity storage capacity
  • Use powerful Lithium batteries
  • Smart and surge-safe switching
  • Reduce battery and appliance wear
  • Protect devices from surgers
  • Use electricity for hours offline
Geysers Solutions
  • Quick and consistent water heating
  • Save 30% on electricity costs
  • Environmentally friendly heating
  • Independent panels and switches
  • Enjoy hot water no matter the conditions

Cost-saving energy solutions that give you a return on investment

To long have you relied on public and private utilities that hike costs, disconnect service, and damage appliances. With scaled solar setups, inverters, batteries and smart geyers, you can produce energy that be both used and sold. Become an independent producer by increasing the scale of your solar capacity, ensuring that your community has access to clean, affordable, and most importantly, reliable electricity.

Return on investment by simply generating electricity.

Never-ending supply of energy from the sun.

Safe and easy-to-use systems for homes and businesses.

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